JUNE 21, 2004
  • All Pages and Links restored; site design revamped
JUNE 3, 2004
  • Attempted to update site and laptop crashed, deleting several folders. Website affected - trying to fix all links and pages
OCTOBER 28, 2003
  • New and improved web site on-line!
  • Added Effects Tracking Sheet (FXTS) template to The Converter Page
JUNE 15, 2003
  • Post Production Solutions forges an alliance with Entra Marketing of Toronto, Canada to create forward-thinking solutions for post production enterprises based on proprietary conversion capabilities.
MARCH 22, 2003
  • Enhanced blank entry handling.
  • Can now "paste" time codes with colons (:) or footages with plus signs (+) as frame separators.
    Hint: When copying and pasting, use the "Paste Special" option under "Edit" and then select the "Values" radio button in the top box to retain the proper formatting!)
  • Fixed bug when subtracting time codes in Video > Video spreadsheet.
  • Made calculations more efficient.
  • Many other, small "under-the-hood" tweaks!
JANUARY 3, 2003
  • goes online.