About Us

The principal partner of Post Production Solutions, John Nabereznyj, has been involved in many aspects of film and television post production since 1990. He has worked on Movies of the Week (MOW’s), television series and many feature films.

Some time ago he became frustrated by the lack of cost-effective, simple ways to calculate footages from time codes, or to figure out time codes from known footages.  There are several good and free calculators available, but they only handle one calculation at a time.  Industry members used to dealing with professional Edit Decision Lists (EDL’s) needed a way to do those calculations quickly and easily with hundreds of entries.

To meet this need John Nabereznyj began developing Microsoft Excel(TM)-based tools to convert between time codes and film footages in mid-2002. It was evident that this ability was not only a useful tool, but a necessity in the ever-shrinking world of international deliveries. Why? Because international buyers of television and film product demand that documents have references to multiple time code formats, in addition to film footages.

Now, using proprietary conversion methods, Post Production Solutions is able to offer unique scripting services for film and television post production and is currently developing several additional solutions in related sectors.

For examples of our footage and time code converters, or for more information about the types of script solutions we provide, please see our “Solutions” page.